Quiet, Cool, Comfort with Split System Air Conditioning

Summer could get very hot and humid especially when you are within the confines of your home or office, either trying to relax after a strenuous day at work or trying to balance the inputs and outputs in the balance sheets trying to find out if you have got your daily finances right. Trying to do either of the above would be arduous if the humidity and the heat within keeps’ you uncomfortable and sweating profusely giving you no consolation at all but there is a solution to keep cool and comfortable within a quiet environment. Professional air conditioning installation Eltham is required for adding systems either at your office or home.


The split system air conditioning consists of two separate units unlike the older generation window air conditioning unit which housed the complete system, which included the compressor, condenser and blower in one enclosed sheet metal cover and was installed into an opening in the wall of the area that needed air conditioning.

The compressor which is the heart of the air conditioning system does tend to create quite a lot of noise when it is working and in a conventional window air conditioning unit the noise could sometimes be quite unbearable for a good night’s sleep or to concentrate either in studies or other important chores where you would need quiet and peace.
Split system air conditioning revolutionized the concept of air conditioning and brought a new dimension by splitting the three important components in the air conditioning system into two parts.
The compressor and condenser, called the outdoor unit, was housed in one casing and the blower, which is called the indoor unit, was separated and housed in another casing, which effectively took the noise away from the air conditioning system and by placing the former unit outside the room and only the blower inside, the biggest irritant being noise in the air conditioning system was effectively eliminated.

The two units are connected by copper refrigerant piping wrapped by rubber and tape insulation to prevent loss of cooling and could be separated to a maximum of 15 meters from each other, which provided noiseless operation inside the room that needed quiet, cool and comfort.
The most important aspect that you would need to consider before purchasing split system air conditioning for any area in your home or office would be to calculate the cooling requirement and the appropriate capacity of the unit that you would require to have installed.
If you do not install the required optimum capacity split system air conditioner Eltham then you could have an eternal problem trying to get the area cooled to no avail.

In such an unfortunate situation your system could frequently pack up due to continuous overloading, which means that the compressor that works to attain the temperature set on the thermostat, would work more than it is required to, which could bust it up in quicker time than even what the warrantee provides.
Professionals would ensure that they calculate and provide you the optimum cooling capacity to ensure years of trouble free operation.