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Facts to Know About Water Soluble Purge Dams

Traditional purging systems come with many limitations. For instance, conventional purge dams like rubber have to be placed away from the weld zone. This means that you need to pump in a considerable amount of inert gas to have a decent weld. This has the effect of making the welding process labor intensive and costly. To overcome these and many other operational limitations, water-soluble purge dams were introduced. The good thing about using a paper that dissolves in water is that you can have them close to the welded area and later dissolve them in water once the job is done.

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Water-soluble purge dams are available in a variety of grades and sizes. Application or use of water-soluble purge dams is simple. First, you need to clean the area that needs to be welded with the right industrial cleaning wipes. Create a dam by cutting a diameter that is relatively larger than the pipe’s diameter. Once this is done, insert the dam into the pipe and secure it with the tape.

After finishing the major set up, you only need to introduce some inert gas into the dam and start welding. This system should last for the entire welding session to produce a quality weld. After that, dissolve the water-soluble dam and flush the paper from the system.

Benefits of using water-soluble purge dams


Traditional purge dams have to located far from the welded areas. As a result, this remote placement requires you to pump a considerable amount of inert gases, which raises the operational costs. Water-soluble papers can be placed close to the weld, thus using a smaller amount of inert gas.


Using water-soluble purge dams is less restrictive and demanding compared to conventional purge dams. It is easy to install and to remove. For instance, after you are done welding, you only need to flush the purge dam away. This helps a lot especially when some parts of the pipe are somehow inaccessible.

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Another good thing about water-soluble purge dams is that there is always a solution for every welding need. First, these dams come in a variety of sizes and grades. Moreover, you can always have what you need considering that, most manufacturers offer custom sized solutions.

Water-soluble surge dams are practically superior to their traditional alternatives. Welders now reduce the times spent in weld preparations, thus improving their productivity. Moreover, you do not need to buy separate inventories or carry substantial rolls to the site.