Types of Earth Moving Construction Machinery

When it comes to earth moving construction machinery, there is a wide variety. Earthmoving construction machinery is some of the powerful machinery that you can ever find in the construction industry. Carey London has all the variety of equipment you may need. The machinery is classified according to the power that they give and also the ability to do more tasks.

For instance, excavators are one of the construction machinery that can do more one task. This is the reasons why they are one of the most popular earth moving machinery. We also have bulldozers which are very powerful earthmovers.

Earthmoving construction machinery


Excavators are champions when it comes to multitasking, and they canrtretetete always perform more than one job. Apart from the main job of groundbreaking, excavators are common for lifting heavy machinery as well as digging trenches.

Excavators are mainly classified according to sizes, and we have mini excavators as well as large excavators. Mini excavators are usually an option when working on small construction sites where there is limited space. This is because the mini excavators can maneuver in any space to give you the required service. This is different from large excavators that occupy too much space.

Backhoe loaders

A backhoe loader is what we can call an advanced tractor. The only difference is that it has a big shovel on the front part to scoop soil. Unlike an excavator, a backhoe loader is used in the friendly construction sites where you don’t require a lot of power for the ground breaking.

You can use a backhoe loader in small spaces because it can easily navigate in tight space. This is different from an excavator that is usually very big. Using a backhoe loader, you don’t need a very skilled person to operate it.


Bulldozers are the most powerful groundbreaking machinery compared to excavators and backhoe loaders. They are usually used in the initial phase of construction to help in removing bulks and bulks of soil. You can always differentiate a bulldozer from an excavator by looking at the front part which is a huge blade.

If you have a wide space of land on a large construction site, and you need a powerful machinery, then the bulldozer is the ideal equipment for you. You can always count on a bulldozer to deliver more power to the groundbreaking process.