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What To See When on Holiday in The Bahamas

The Bahamas is very popular among tourists mainly because of its warm tropical climate, beautiful beaches and calm waters among other reasons. It has many destinations for tourists and all-inclusive resorts that make it a perfect destination for lone travelers, honeymooners as well as couples and their kids who want a change from their home.

What to see when on Holiday in the Bahamas.

Long Island

It is one of the most scenic islands in the Bahamas. The Long Island is fylocated in the southern half of the archipelago with dimensions of about 80 miles long and 4 miles wide. The island is a land of contrasts as it has sandy beaches on the western side and rocky, steep cliffs on the eastern side. It is great for boating, diving, fishing and features several beautiful white and pink sand beaches.

Exuma Cays Land & Sea National Park

It is located in the remote eastern side of the Bahamas. It is a marine protected area that boasts numerous seascapes on the Bahamas. It is an ideal destination for boaters and divers who enjoy quality anchorages, crystal clear waters and abundant marine life. For instance, divers enjoy over 100-foot visibility on good days. You can visit this wonderland on live-aboard charters or private boats.

Andros Island

It is the largest landmass in the Bahamas and boasts many underwater caves, freshwater blue holes as well as the third largest barrier reef in the world. It has several wetlands create channels that are prime boating and fishing areas. As a result, the island is great for fly fishing, bonefishing and diving. In addition, it has five national parks that make it the most protected area in the Bahamas. Visitors will appreciate the eco-resorts, forests, mangrove swamps and rich bird life in the island. So, expect to see warblers, West Indian woodpeckers, yellowthroats, swallows, Cuban Emeralds and rare hummingbirds.


s46d57f68g7The Atlantis is a splashy, salmon-pink resort that dominates the skyline on the Paradise Island. It recreates the Atlantis legend in a water park, aquarium, entertainment complex and luxury hotel. Hotel guests can freely enter the popular 141-acre Acquaventure, more than 20 pools, waterscape packed high-speed slides and a mile Lazy River Ride. The marine habitat of the Atlantis boasts swordfish and hammerhead sharks that swim through open-air pools.

It is clear that the Bahamas has many fascinating things for you to see and experience. The beaches, the ocean and the sun make the islands the ideal destination for your vacations. So, plan to visit the Bahamas for your vacation and for real, you will be assured of amazing and unforgettable experiences.