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How to select a good air conditioner for your home

Air conditioning is a common feature in many homes and as such the market has grown large. When you look at the sheer variety available in only one type of air conditioner, not to mention the range of different manufacturer’s brands?

Well, if you’re on the hunt for a new air conditioner for your business or home, there are things to look for in order to get the best. Of course, the last thing you need is to spend all that money on one and not have it satisfy your air con necessities.

How to select a good air conditioner for your home


Tonnage is the most important factor that is supposed to be kept in mind while buying an air conditioner as it measures the cooling capacity of an AC as per the size and requirement of the room. Cooling capacity means the ability to extract a certain amount of heat from the room in an hour, which is measured in Btu/hr.

Cost of purchase, installation and energy

In this day and age, you are searching for a machine that is efficient to keep running as cash is a critical issue, and you need to ensure that your new machine is as cheap to keep running as could be expected to keep you and your family cool. Think seriously about the cost of the installation and where required the removal of an old unit, as this too is a critical element.

Service and Warranty period

Service and warranty period is considered as a very important factor while buying an AC, for home use. The user needs to select a unit that comes with a long-term manufacturer’s warranty that provides full replacement guarantee for a specified period. If the manufacturer gives an extended warranty provision, one must go with it as it would cover any of the unanticipated maintenance expenses.


You have to know the size of the unit you want, and this should be based upon the size of your property. There are many sizes that will give your house the best service

67f8ghNature of the compressor unit

The key element you are searching for in the cooling system is the nature of the compressor unit; this is the focal point of the unit. During hot summers this is the part that works for extended periods of time to keep the house cool. Once more, there are many types available. You need to be searching for one that can perform well when utilized continually; furthermore, one that has a calm running framework. A loud unit can be a disturbance when attempting to rest.

Energy cost and rating

Electricity cost has become a concern when buying an air con consider its energy consumption. one that is power efficient would be better as it would not increase your power bill significantly. It is important to considering energy rating, this is only good for our environment but goes along with cost.

As seen from the above points, Knowing how to select a good air conditioner for your home will help you get the best machine and save a lot of money during purchasing using and maintenance