Facts About Modern Day Faxing

The traditional way of faxing documents is by simply inserting a document to a fax machine for it to be sent and received by another fax machine. Usually, companies have their own fax number for this. However, as technology advances, there are now newer and better ways to fax. Here are some that you might want to try out.

You can send and receive fax by email

We now know from Faxzee.com that we can receive fax via our email. The most used is Gmail, but more email servers can probably do the same thing. This makes it easier for you to receive faxed documents on the go, without having to wait for the document to pop out from your fax machine. You can also send files to a fax machine. All of this requires your fax machine to have right features, so make sure you get the right one.

You can use online folder sharing

Online folder sharing services such as Google Docs, Zoho Docs, and Dropbox is being used by many companies and organizations. What most people don’t know is that they can fax from these folder sharing services. All you have to do is find an online fax service, which usually has a detailed instruction on what you have to do. Again, this makes sending and receiving files much easier especially for you and your co-workers.

Bitcoin fax exists

Who would have thought that bitcoin faxing is an actual thing? It isn’t popular yet, but it definitely exists. And if you know how to operate it, it would make faxing much easier. You don’t even have to sign up for anything, you simply have to know the receiver’s fax number, and you’ll be all good to go. It’s the newest way of using bitcoin currency for your everyday working needs.

There are fax applications for smartphone

Since everyone has a smartphone nowadays, it only makes sense that there would be an app made for sending documents to a fax machine. Most of the mobile fax application features are easy to use and free. More advanced and secure applications such as eFax and Myfax are also available but requires you to pay for the install. If you are someone who can’t always be around your fax machine or laptop to send files, we recommend for you to get one of the fax service apps to make your work easier.